Holiday Benoa villa М-3

Villa rent in Bali is a perfect option for a comfortable stay. These apartments are on a quiet Nusa Dua street. There are several restaurants, small cafes and salons with SPA procedures nearby, all the necessary conditions are provided.

The beach is just 100 meters away, you can both rent a villa in Bali and visit the coast every day. The pool has a large size of 3 by 6 meters, it is enough for good swimming.

We offer booking a villa in Bali with very elegant and beautiful interior. There is much wooden furniture, colors are calm and pleasant. Cozy atmosphere sets for to the proper rest.

Optimal prices in Bali are complemented by facilities for living. Two bedrooms are suitable for ordinary family, a 42” TV and a small home theater. It is proposed to watch your favorite movies, enjoy high quality pictures and sound. The kitchen is equipped for cooking, it has a refrigerator, blender, stove and so on.

These apartments will delight you with the best combination of price and comfort. There is free Wi-Fi for constant network access at an optimal speed. Book a villa in the exotic island and spend unforgettable time!

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